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The images in this section reflect the contentious intent to permit hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a. FRACKing!  Citizens all over the world are fighting this procedure of extracting "natural gas" from shale which is fossilized rock formations that cross state boders.  The 596 + chemimcals used as a "FRACK Brew" include toxic carcinogens, i.e. benzene, formaldhyde, ethybenzene, lead, arsenic, etc.

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Rigs for FRACKing come in various sizes
The Bakken Pipeline, ND, is one of the largest in unregulated territory
Flare from burning oii is toxic, hot and continues 24/7, poisoning the environment
Brown FRACKED drinking well water in Dimock, PA following horizontal FRACKing!
Fracked oil, resting in water for months as it penetrates the farmland and wells in Williston, ND
Activists deliver fresh water, to replace FRACKED water, residents in Dimock, PA
Extracting too much oil causes flares when mixed with underlying gas...spewing toxins for miles
Rally, banning FRACKING at Invalides Park, Paris, France 17 Jan 12
Anti-Frack Gaz Ban Conference in Paris, France, 2012
Press Conference, 17Jan12, Paris, France after rally
Ban FRACKING (SCHISTE) in France, 17 Jan 12
Say NO to Hydraulic Fracturing! Write to Governor Cuomo!