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1st Place Winner, 2004, Perkins Center For The Arts Gallery, in Morrestown, NJ: "Grapes and Cheese, etc." a Wet-plate collodion process painted photograph also exhibited at the James Beard House, in Greenwich Village, NYC, No Way... Not Him!, Rue de la Champs e'rlysse, Paris., The Wedding Reception, View From the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, Le Closerie des Lilas Restaurant, Paris, France, Residential View on Square de Clignancourt in Paris, France, Brunch With Francois and Jeremie in Paris, France, Cycling CO2, NYC, "Flannel Pajamas" Film Set, NYC, Film Set, NYC, Normandie, France, Environmental Policing, Lower East Side, NYC, Brooklyn Bridge at night, NYC, Wall Street Bull, NYC, Muni Building, NYC, Encaustic Wax,